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By appointment only at 18 Springs Community Healing Center
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Somatic Therapy Appointments

Each therapeutic session varies, however here's a summary of what to expect.

First, we check-in with your body to notice what is present for you physically, mentally, emotionally, etc. This will inform our therapeutic approach and focus for the session.

Then we proceed with an integration of somatic modalities, tools and practices that support your therapeutic goal/s. These may include movement, breath, touch, mindfulness, bodywork, massage and other mind-body practices and exercises.

Lastly, we take time for integration and co-create a home plan of care for between sessions. These will support your healing journey and therapeutic goal/s.

Our process allows us to remain holistic, mindful of present-moment needs and flexible in implementing your therapeutic plan of care.

Furthermore, with an all-inclusive and integrative approach to somatic therapy, you pay a flat-fee for your therapeutic session. That's right! You pay one fee regardless of which and how many tools, modalities or techniques are applied.

Somatic Therapy

Let's focus on you! Schedule a much deserved 90-minute somatic session.

Get ready to release tension, stress, overwhelm, stagnation and limiting belief’s.

Curious how somatic therapy can support your health, healing and well-being?

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation to share your specific therapeutic goals, circumstances and concerns.

Likewise, we will share details about our philosophy, process and answer your questions.


"Patty’s emphasis on the breath during practice, has really helped me connect and be more aware of my body."

"Thank you for helping me see yoga as more than a workout. 🙂 I feel like I can take these tools and feelings into my daily life."

"Patty was excellent! I would highly recommend her. She was very professional and really helped me find some trouble spots and how to help improve them."

"Patty has some powerhouse hands. She did fantastic with her pressure and she had a relaxing flow. I highly recommend this wonderful therapist."

"I had a very nice time with Patty. We caught up while destroying trigger points that line my scapula. She was super in tune with my needs and promoted healthy breath and relaxation. 10/10 ♥"

"When I first started practicing yoga, my body was very stiff and achy. With practice, I am gaining flexibility and I don’t fell stiff and heavy."

"Patty was excellent for my first professional massage. I felt tension release and lengthened muscle."

"Very well done. Will be back for more. Loved it!"

"Great massage! I appreciated the attention on my back and neck. Pressure was great."

"One of the best massages I've ever had."

"It was a wonderful workshop that teaches you the true meaning and beauty of yoga. It helps not only your physical journey, but also the journey of ones self."

"Amazing. So many techniques I've never had before, that helped a lot. Stretching really helped lower back :)"

Give yourself the time, care and love you give others!


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