Eudaimonia can be traced back to the Greek Philosopher Aristotle. It does not have a simple English translation, but can be understood as, “a life well lived” or “human flourishing”. Broadly speaking, it is the cognizance of a life well and fully lived, a life of meaning and purpose in the service of goals, ends, and values worth serving.


Choosing to live a eudaimonistic life means that you are always seeking for growth, you take action to be the best that you can be, you live in accordance to your values and with purpose.


You prefer to work towards your goals and experience all of life (embracing the ups and downs), rather than having things handed to you, or coasting through life.


Modern conceptions of Eudaimonic Well-being (EWB) are, on the whole, shaped by literature reviews, critical analyses, and empirical examinations, coupled with modern research into quality of life and subjective well-being (SWB).


The Questionnaire for Eudaimonic Well-being (Waterman et al., 2010) measures the following:


💛 A sense of meaning and purpose in life – which describes the personally meaningful objectives that we direct our talents and skills toward;


💛 Enjoyment derived from activities that are ‘personally expressive’;


💛 Intense involvement in activities – not just any activities or hobbies, but those that are related to our life goals;


💛 Perceived development of their own best potentials – this relates back to Aristotle’s idea of ‘fulfilling one’s virtuous potentials’; and


💛 Investment of significant effort – towards achieving excellence.


Do you have a sense of meaning and/or purpose in life? Are you still “searching”?


How often do you engage in activities that light you up?


What are your life goals? I genuinely want to know. (I’ll share mine, if you share yours).


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