Appreciate your intuition


Intuition. Also known as, “6th sense”, “gut feeling”, “spidey senses”, “hair on your back”, “a hunch” or plain ol’ instincts.

You know what I am talking about. That little voice and/or sensation that you get. Sometimes it’s a warning and other times it’s encouragement.

Whether we follow it or not, we usually get timely feedback on the action taken. “Yes! I knew this would be a great outcome”, or “Man! I should’ve listened to myself”.

Like a muscle, the more you listen to it the stronger it gets. Likewise, the more you ignore it the quieter it becomes.

I like to think of intuition as a higher and deeper form of intelligence… an innate wisdom… one that doesn’t require analyzing. There is SO much more to life, than the eyes can see. Intuition knows, well before the brain has processed information.

I am curious; What is your relationship with intuition? Do you rationalize the messages you receive? Do you have practices to strengthen it?

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