Appreciate your body’s innate wisdom


Have you realized how amazingly wise your body is?⁠

All systems communicating together to make things go. ⁠

Everything gets “accomplished” without your conscious input.⁠

Your lungs persistently take in oxygen and dispels carbon dioxide.⁠ Keeping you alive.

Oxygen/Blood travels through your arteries giving nourishment to every cell. Then automatically goes through your veins and back to your heart for replenishment.⁠

All cellular waste disposed of accordingly.⁠

Your nervous system senses and communicates with your brain and the rest of your body. It adjusts and self-regulates: rest, digest, fight, fly, freeze.

Your muscles, joints, and bones puzzle together for max efficiency and mobility.

So many things/cycles happening at once. So much to capture in a limited post. (Believe me, I could go on and on). 🤓

When one or more systems are injured or goes awry, the other systems immediately notice, shift and try to bring you back into homeostasis/harmony/safety.

It’s so easy to take your body’s innate wisdom for granted… until there is a serious disruption.

It’s also easy to overlook/take for granted the systems that are flowing/working smoothly, when other systems are “acting up”, or “not working as they should”.

Your body is literally doing all it can do, with the resources it has, the environment it is in, etc. to keep you well.

Your physical body is just one aspect of your entire being, but it is also the one you can see and touch. It’s the one that carries you forward and often times, the one you run into exhaustion.

By whole-heartedly appreciating all your body does and all you put it through, you can learn to be gentler with it and to start taking better care of it. Don’t get caught up on how it looks on the outside, and rather appreciate the inner workings.

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