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Ready to embark on deep restoration, transformation and nourishment?

There is no better time to nurture, empower, harmonize & revitalize yourself and your life than NOW.

Release tension, stress, overwhelm, stagnation and limiting belief’s…

Invite ease, tranquility, clarity, alignment and sovereignty…


Unlike the industry standard, at Hola Beloved you do not have to select one modality (e.g. Swedish massage, Thai massage, Yoga Therapy, etc.) when you schedule your appointment.

When you arrive to each therapeutic session, we check-in with your body and depending on what is present for you physically, mentally, emotionally, etc., we proceed with an integration of somatic modalities, tools and practices.

With an all-inclusive, integrative and present-moment approach to massage & bodywork, you pay a flat-fee for your therapy session— no matter which or how many tools, modalities or techniques are applied.*

As a result, we remain holistic, mindful of present-moment needs and flexible in implementing your therapeutic plan of care.



Somatic Practices for Holistic Healing & Well-Being

You are whole, multidimensional and deserving of high-quality individualized care.

At Hola Beloved, your specific conditions, needs, concerns and goals are taken into consideration to create an effective, holistic and sustainable therapeutic plan.

Some ways we may work together include:



Relieve chronic tension and pain

Symptom relief

Increase relaxation

Increase body awareness

Increase/maintain mobility


Mentally & Emotionally

Cope with daily stress

Post-Traumatic Growth

Manage anxiety

Manage depression

Navigate grief with grace


Increase energy

Increase your sense of calm

Improve sleep

Increase breath capacity


Increase intuition

Increase resiliency

Increase Self-agency/sovereignty

Increase Self-confidence



Increase Self-awareness

Increase connection to higher power

Environmentally & Socially

Prolong independence

Improve quality of life

Improve relationships


Complimentary Consultation

Establishing rapport and trust is paramount in trauma informed care. A Complimentary Consultation allows us to learn about your therapeutic goals, circumstances and concerns and it allows you to get a "feel" about working with us.

Together we decide if we are a mutual fit and begin building a therapeutic relationship or we may refer you to another provider who may best suit what you are looking for. Schedule Now

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Get started with one session or commit to your personal growth and Self-care with a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly partnership.

We believe that healing and transformation is a journey. Our wellness subscriptions are designed to aid, guide and support you on your path towards improved health and well-being.

An excellent way to get started on focusing on you is through our Introductory Package. Check it Out!

1st Session!

We begin with a Comprehensive Assessment to get a snapshot of your holistic health and well-Being.

Additionally, we address environmental factors, current and past medical history, current concerns, stress response and coping strategies, significant life events, social support, etc.

After discussing your reason/s for seeking therapy we co-create a therapeutic plan.

Take Time For Your Healing & Well-Being

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Trauma Touch Therapy™

Trauma Touch Therapy™ (TTT) is a bodywork modality that is designed to meet the needs of people with trauma histories.

It is a simple yet profound, body based, integrative approach to healing trauma, unprocessed emotions or the stress that lingers in the body. Additionally, it utilizes the wisdom of the body, social engagement, curiosity, movement, breath, touch and self-empowerment.

TTT is a collaborative and integrative approach to healing trauma and each session is as unique as an individual’s set of personal circumstances.

Introductory Package

Devoting time to your healing, growth and general well-being is essential. We are honored to guide, support, encourage and partner with you through your journey.

This Introductory package was created to get you started on focusing on you!

Package includes an initial consultation and two follow-up sessions.

Hola! I Am Patricia Majano. Your Partner-in-Healing.

Through the implementation of Complementary and Integrative Health (CIH) interventions, my mission is to invite, educate, guide, encourage, and support those seeking a deeper connection to themselves and others, an improved quality of life and easeful living.

My person-centered and relational approach encourages collaborative engagement, mutual trust and a sense of safety. It is an honor to facilitate, witness and partner with you on your healing path.

Populations with a special place in my heart include: veterans, older adults (seniors), caregivers and under-served communities.


Trauma Sensitive

Responding sensitively to partners-in-healing who have experienced trauma includes individualizing care to help them avoid triggers and developing autonomy, self-agency, and safety.

Furthermore, we focus on your healing, growth and resiliency.


Contemplative Care is an approach to giving care that incorporates mindfulness practice, compassionate action, and moment-to-moment awareness while in relationship with the one being cared for.

It is rooted in Buddhist practices of meditation and contemplation.


I acknowledge your innate wisdom and recognize that reaching for support is not always easy. You do not have to do this alone. Together we engage in deep, transformative and sacred healing work.

Collaboration and feedback before, during and after each session are highly encouraged.


Kind Words From Our

Beloved Partners-in-Healing

Patty was excellent! I would highly recommend her. She was very professional and really helped me find some trouble spots and how to help improve them.

Massage & Bodywork Partner-in-Healing

Patty’s emphasis on the breath during practice, has really helped me connect and be more aware of my body.

Somatic Alchemy Partner-in-Healing

Thank you for helping me see yoga as more than a workout. 🙂 I feel like I can take these tools and feelings into my daily life.

Program Participant

Patty has some powerhouse hands. She did fantastic with her pressure and she had a relaxing flow. I highly recommend this wonderful therapist.

Massage & Bodywork Partner-in-Healing

I had a very nice time with Patty. We caught up while destroying trigger points that line my scapula. She was super in tune with my needs and promoted healthy breath and relaxation. 10/10 ♥

Massage & Bodywork Partner-in-Healing

When I first started practicing yoga, my body was very stiff and achy. With practice, I am gaining flexibility and I don’t fell stiff and heavy.

Somatic Alchemy Partner-in-Healing

Patty was excellent for my first professional massage. I felt tension release and lengthened muscle.

Massage & Bodywork Partner-in-Healing

Very well done. Will be back for more. Loved it!

Program Participant

Great massage! I appreciated the attention on my back and neck. Pressure was great.

Touch, Massage & Bodywork Partner-in-Healing

One of the best massages I've ever had.

Touch, Massage & Bodywork Partner-in-Healing

It was a great class that teaches you the true meaning and beauty of yoga. It helps not only your physical journey, but also the journey of ones self.

Workshop Participant

Amazing. So many techniques I've never had before, that helped a lot. Stretching really helped lower back 🙂

Bodywork Partner-in-Healing

Maebel TinokoMaebel Tinoko
18:42 03 Apr 22
Patty is amazing!
Val WoolenVal Woolen
20:36 02 Apr 22
Patty is a very dedicated and helpful therapist. Her expertise has greatly improved my mental and physical health even during stressful times.

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